The International Federation of Association Football, or most commonly known as FIFA is back with the latest game in the long series of soccer games—the FIFA MOBILE 19 APK. FIFA MOBILE 19 APK is one of the most sought after and anticipated soccer games and FIFA never lags behind in delighting its customers with new additions to the already brilliant soccer series.

Published and developed by Electronic Arts (EA), FIFA 19 AOK brings on a host of new features and supports multiple players, delighting its fans all over the world with its updated and advanced graphics and better control.

How to Download and Install FIFA MOBILE 19 APK data + OBB + MOD [Steps]

Here Are the Steps to Download Fifa 19 Mobile Apk:

First of all you need to toggle the option of “downloading from unknown sources” on your android devices as downloading is required from 3rd party sources. To toggle it, go to Settings -> Security -> Allow download from third-party sources.

Next, please launch your default web browser from your android device and allow download for FIFA 19 Zip files from the link given below:

FIFA 2019 MOD APK for Android


Extract the contents contained within the zipped folder that you have just downloaded and send them to your SD card

For the OBB part you need to move them to the Android/OBB folder on your Android device. In case no such folder exists, you need to create it in your device by yourself

Once the folder is made, tap on the FIFA MOBILE 19 APK and the installation will start automatically

Once the installation is successful, launch the game by tapping on the icon created on the home screen

That is it! You are good to go. Play on!

The Features of FIFA MOBILE 19 APK

The latest version of FIFA MOBILE 19 APK comes with advanced features not previously supported by FIFA’s games. In addition, it has the following features:

Multi-platform Availability:

FIFA has added a new feature of multi-platform availability to the latest version of FIFA APK 19. This means that you can enjoy the game on all platforms including Android, iOS or even on Windows/PC. The APK FIFA Mobile 19 will give you a new experience as you will thoroughly enjoy playing it on your mobile

Unique Stadiums

FIFA MOBILE 19 APK comes with unique stadiums from 12 different countries and the number of stadiums this time are greater than any previous game—a huge 52.

Supports Multiplayer

One of the issues previously pointed out in FIFA 19 mobile APK was the absence of multiplayer support but the latest version of FIFA MOBILE 19 APK does not contain any glitches and supports multiplayer option for you to have a thoroughly entertaining experience.

Can launch using Bluetooth

As it supports multiplayer option, FIFA APK 19 can be launched using Bluetooth when your opponent is near you and you can both launch the multiplayer option via Bluetooth.

Supports commentary

Unlike previous versions of FIFA APK 19, this latest version supports commentary that is clearer and more defined

Free game

APK FIFA mobile 19 is completely free and does not cost anything so you can download on mobile and any device you want free of cost

Advanced features

FIFA 19 mobile APK has got both Champions League and Europa League features which are advanced and a great addition in the latest version.

Offline support

This FIFA MOBILE 19 APK can be played in both offline and online mode so every time you want to play it, you don’t need to search for an internet connection.

Latest players

FIFA MOBILE 19 APK features the latest soccer players and your football heroes such as Mo Salah, Dembele, Harry Kane, Kylian Mbappe, Ronaldo, Messi, Pogba, Kante, Lukaku, Aubamayoung, Bale, Dybala, Neymar and Cavani.

Below we tell you how to download this FIFA APK 19 for Android and iOS devices so you can have a great time playing it on the device of your choice.


EA Sports has not disappointed in designing this game for all the FIFA crazy fans out there. With advanced features and more control, EA Sports is going head-to-head in competition with its rival PES. As they both compete to outperform the other, better and more advanced features and games are likely to emerge in the future—a very good news for soccer fans like you and me.

For the time being, enjoy the game and play on!

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